Michael Schumacher, Ferrari

Formula One legend Michael Schumacher is widely recognized as one of the greatest racing drivers of all time. From his first race with the Benetton squad in 1991 to his very last outing with Mercedes in 2012, his incredible success in the sport crowned him seven world title championships and a whooping 91 Grand Prix wins. Not only did he break just about every single statistical F1 record out there, he also retains them until this day.

While his racing talents won him fans and admirers from all over the world, the German earned much respect off-track as well. In the mid-90s he helped re-found the much needed Grand Prix drivers association, serving as chairman for over ten years and establishing himself as a pivotal force in the fight for safer racing. Until this day, Michael Schumacher’s contributions to the sport continue to influence and shape Formula 1 - and we hope to see him get well soon.