BMW M1, Jo Gartner

The BMW M1 Procar Championship was short-lived, but featured some of the most famous Formula 1 drivers of the era including Nikki Laura, Nelson Piquet and Jacques Laffite. The racing series was inaugurated in 1979 and consisted of identically modified BMW M1 sports cars. Procar races usually supported Formula 1 Grands Prix in Europe, with the top five drivers from Friday practice invited to take part in the challenge. Qualified F1 drivers secured a seat in the factory BMW team for a chance at a cash reward offered to the top three finishers. Pictured here in his BMW M1, Jo Gartner races in Monte-Carlo in the third round of the 1980 season. Gartner was invited to take part in fellow Austrian Helmut Marko’s newcomer team for the series’ second and final year.